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iPhoneography: Made with Over


A few months ago, I discovered Over – an easy-to-use app that lets you overlay words and images on your iPhone photos.  It’s a perfect way to have a little photo editing fun on the go. Some of the images people have come up with are pretty impressive. Here are a few more “Made with Over” images of my own creation.








Over is only $1.99 to download in the app store. If you’re on Instagram, you can find me at @jess_clifton – I’d love to check out your work! 🙂

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Project Fun-A-Day: How the Cliftons Get Creative

Jim and I recently had the opportunity to flex some creative talent when a couple of local friends invited us to participate in a group Fun-A-Day project.  What’s Fun-A-Day, you ask?  You do something you enjoy every day for a month, document it somehow, and then gather with your group to swap project stories when the month is up.

Perhaps it was the close timing to Jackson’s 3rd birthday, or maybe it was just because he’s such a great Dad, but Jim decided that his Fun-A-Day would be to capture daily videos of Jackson just being Jackson.  At the end of his thirty days, he set some of his favorite captured footage to a track-sampling of the amazing song ‘Mladek’ from the Russian Circles Empros album.  This is his marvelous result:

An obsessive shutter-bug myself, I opted for the photography medium – taking a pic each day, then partnering it with a quote I appreciate, and mounting it to send out as a postcard.  Sometimes I set out for a picture with a particular quote in mind, but I also discovered some great new quotes when looking to sync something up, post-snapshot.  So, if you happen to be the recipient of one of my random quotographs (that’s what I’m calling them) – that’s what that’s all about!  You can check out my full Fun-A-Day photo series here (quotes included in picture descriptions).

Fun-A-Day Quotographs

It was interesting to see what folks came up with for their projects – from journals, to word puzzles, to soundtracks orchestrated through the arrangement of various noise recordings, they were all cool to soak in.  Our lovely hostess, Joelle, opted to revel in Russian folklore for a while, honoring oral tradition (my words, not hers) by recounting a tale to someone each day.  It was particularly cool when our projects overlapped: my still image echoed in one of Jim’s daily recordings; Jack’s sound bite of Jackson chattering while Joelle shared her story with us over dinner one night.

The familiar souls echoed in our personal project end-results (video and picture cameos from Heather, Tony, Evan, Ella, Nana, Kristina & DJ, plus quote inspiration from friends like the Jones’ out in Cali) are a nice reminder of how full our lives are of great people.

It was really nice to get creative, take time out each day, learn about friends and have something to reflect on when it was all said and done.  What would your Fun-A-Day be?

Story of Grusha

A children’s folk tale storybook, hand-crafted by Joelle & adored by Jackson


Our Fun-A-Day Invitation

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…

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