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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

“Photos aren’t objective — they show what we want them to show.”

This week’s photo challenge theme on The Daily Post is perspective, whereby bloggers are invited to post images of things that are not what they seem to be, or offer different angles/interpretations of the same subject.

Here are a few of my own images that toy with the concept of perspective.

Inches-high wildflowers loom larger than life with low camera placement.

A sun-lit Lake Michigan looks limitless from two perspectives.

Closer inspection lends deceptive warmth to a winter sunset.

You can view others’ perspective interpretations in the comments here. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

My take on “layers” for this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post

Chipping Teal Paint Layers

Old Mission Peninsula Sunset Layers Reflection


And because I couldn’t stop myself – this…

Rock Sunset Reflection Flipped Cosmic Orbit

…a rock reflection that takes on the look of orbiting layers of cosmic debris when flipped. Perhaps I’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies. 😉

You can check out other posts on the “layers” theme in the comments here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Buckley_High_ Rollaway_Horizon

In an effort to make good on my recent failed attempt to visit the High Roll-Away Scenic Overlook in Buckley, MI (thanks to the similarly-named High-Bank Rollaway further South on the Manistee River), I re-attempted my venture early this past Wednesday. I ended up with the place entirely to myself and this handful of pictures – appropriate for this week’s Horizon photo theme.

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