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Fall’s Final Hurrah

Last week peak color finally rolled across the Northern Michigan lake shore, and the sun it brought with it bathed Traverse City in resplendent color. Had I been nay-saying the intensity of this year’s Autumnal hues compared to last? Perhaps. Did my husband bid me to hold my tongue? Maybe. Was he right? Naturally. 🙂

After a spell of consecutive rainy days, the clouds finally cracked early last week. The sun beckoned me out for a mid-day jaunt up Old Mission Peninsula, where it’s rays set the Chateau Grand Traverse vineyard ablaze. I reveled in fortuitous timing, nabbing as many shots as I could before dragging myself back to work.

Better still (IMHO), was the little slice of heaven that yesterday’s sun brought right to my own front door. We’re in the fortunate position of living right across the street from a little wooded park. Though its flanked by neighborhood streets and the elementary school, it’s trails feel remarkably secluded. Meandering through the park when it’s back-lit by afternoon sun feels otherworldly.

Alas, the color is fading fast. We’re even slated for possible snow flurries on Halloween. Honestly, I’m okay with it. The brevity of the North Country’s Fall (Spring and Summer) beauty is always a salient reminder to get out while the getting is good. I appreciate the way Shauna Niequist puts it (in Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way):

“The leaves as they spark into wild color just before they die are the world’s oldest performance art, and everything we see is celebrating one last violently hued hurrah before the black and white and silence of winter. Fall is begging for us to dance and sing and write with just the same drama and blaze.”

Blaze on, my friends. Winter is coming. 😉

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Smouldering & Smitten

This weekend we did what we do best and drove somewhat aimlessly around the greater #nwmi area, spilling out of the car and onto whatever beaches we stumbled upon along the way. It was the best kind of weekend, with a happy little boy and surprise sunshine, and while I could go on and on about it here, I’m a lazy blogger and it’s well into the evening (that I just don’t want to end). Thus, I’ll just keep it to the smouldering sunset that the day ended with and the unexpected company we ended up keeping, both of which left me quite smitten. May we all rest easy holding onto happy memories tonight 🙂

Old Mission Peninsula overlook at sunset

Old Mission Peninsula overlook at sunset





Old Mission Peninsula sunset

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Friday Photos: Pink Skies & Golden Vineyards

A couple of the shots I was able to get as the clouds moved in on our quick run up Old Mission Peninsula after work tonight.  Always breathtaking, though never quite the same – such a beautiful place, this world! 🙂

Pink Clouds Rolling Over West Bay

Pink Clouds Rolling Over West Bay

Goldenrod Rows Give Up the Grapes

Goldenrod Rows Give Up the Grapes

Tonight's View from OMP Senic Overlook

Tonight’s View from OMP Scenic Overlook

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