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Learning to Leave Well Enough Alone

Today I had the unfortunate pleasure (unfortunate because my effort proved fruitless, but pleasurable thanks to good company) of dragging my family downstate in pursuit of sunshine and a Fall overlook, which proved to be a total bust. Long story short, map-user error (mine) landed us miles from our intended destination point. Oops!

No tragic loss (give or take several lost hours and my injured pride) because, fortunately, my guys are forgiving and we still got in good family time. (Rest assured I’ll re-attempt my venture again soon, now that I’ve recalibrated.) 😉

The thing is, waking up to sunny skies (a rarity here lately) and a lovely morning walk earlier in the day seriously whet my appetite for new scenery and sunbeams. It wasn’t long after being dumped on by Mother Nature (re-emerging rain – boo!) and landing in elsewhere-ville that I came to realize the err of my ways: I need to learn when to leave well enough alone.

Dial it back to that “lovely morning walk”.

Both the sun and moon accompanied Chance (the puppy) and I on our 8am traipse through Hickory Meadows, the rising mist signaling the former’s success at melting away the frost that had accumulated over night.

Given the sun’s relatively recent unveiling, there was still an ample assortment of specimens left encased in crystallized dew to fawn over. I’m sure Chance just loved my frequent stops.

By the time we got home, we’d been gone an hour and a half and Chance was whooped. He snuggled in for a warm nap in the sun as I geared up for the aforementioned downward spiral that was to be the rest of our day.

Like I said, not a huge deal, but I still think I’ll just pretend that after that gorgeous walk I stayed on that couch, too – snuggled up, coffee in hand, content at home for the rest of the day. Lesson learned: Just leave well enough alone. 🙂

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