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Sunflower Fields

One of my favorite things to do every August is visit the sunflower fields that bloom between Acme and Elk Rapids. This is the first and only sprawling sunflower field I’ve personally had the pleasure of perusing, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Should you find yourself in Northwest Michigan during the month, it’s well worth a visit!

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Taking Stock of the Day

It’s been a roller-coaster ride these past two weeks, full of random things I’ll play catch up on at some point in the not-too-distant future, but today… today was a much-needed return to (our version of) normalcy.

There were macro shots in the morning…

An Elk Rapids excursion this afternoon…

And downtown tree-lighting festivities this evening.

I found solace getting back behind the camera and into nature, Jim savored the intensity of the Winter landscape (and a gigantic  margarita), and Jackson was elated to glimpse Santa and catch the Christmas spirit. We spent time with some of our favorite people, ran into more of the same, and capped the night off with a tour of Christmas lights.

It’s late, so that’s the abbreviated version, but today was sublime. One of those days that makes it hard to narrow down your answer to the question we pose to Jackson (and ourselves) every day:

What was your favorite thing about today?

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Friday Photos: Waterscape Textures

Bright and sunny days have been a bit difficult to come by around here lately, with the wind threatening to whisk you away on the handful of days the sun has decided to make an appearance. When Wednesday offered up an exception to this weather pattern, Jim and I were determined to capitalize on what daylight we could with a lunch excursion, knowing the sun would set too early to leave much time for post-work play (near-5pm sunsets being back upon us, and all).

We grabbed the camera, a couple of sandwiches from Folgarelli’s (a delectable, old-world, deli-lovers-dream that our friends turned us on to), and cruised up the bay to dine waterside (meaning at the park) in Elk Rapids. From the still, glassy water to the warm, rippled sand, mother nature had a variety of lovely textures to offer up. I submit here my brief retrospect, along with hopes that the sun smiles on both your shoulders and mine again real soon. 😉

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