Macro Monday: Underground Icicles

Today school was cancelled due to the snow that’s been pouring over Traverse City pretty much non-stop for days and days. Home-bound-Jackson’s spirit grew restless as he waited for us parents to put business to bed on this first day of consistent sun in what must easily be two weeks, so after pressing work matters were resolved, we ventured out into the afternoon light.

When we’re hankering for new scenery, Old Mission Peninsula is the closest slice of Northern Michigan heaven, so we made our customary trip up the narrow stretch of land to traipse around the snow-clad shoreline while we still had sun. We weren’t out long, and the sun didn’t linger much longer, but it was nice to see the snow under something other than gray skies.

While we were out, I got my photography fix capturing these shots of icicle formations under the sand shelf on Haserot Beach. We’ll likely be back to dull skies again tomorrow, and that’s okay, but today we briefly basked in the sun.

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6 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Underground Icicles

  1. Nature at its beautiful best! A few years ago I found the same type of frozen wonderlands on a “shelf” near Lutsen, along the North Shore. Every season brings new wonder.

  2. Greg Urbano says:

    Hey congrats on winning the Pinhole Camera, come by my blog to fill out the contact form so I can mail you your prize!

  3. farlane says:

    Very cool Jess! I love hiking the shore in winter. Here’s a set of shots from Leland’s beach.

    • Jess Clifton says:

      Thanks, Andy! Your Frozen Shore shots are beautiful!! We’ve got some very similar icicle and ice volcano shots. šŸ™‚ There is nothing like the serenity of a secluded Winter beach that few others are willing to venture out on. The “rapture on the lonely shore.”

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