Absolute Autumn: Orchard Day in Pictures

After a week’s worth of Indian Summer, seventy degree days, yesterday’s temps hovered in the fifties, ushering in what finally felt like Fall. That Autumn weather was all the motivation we needed to decide the day was ripe for some apple picking and pumpkin selecting, so we teamed up with the Highams and headed to Rennie Orchards.

We didn’t get the bright and sunny day we had when last we made the venture, but the overcast skies still made for a seasonally appropriate backdrop. After our apple, pumpkin and cider selections were made, the kid’s hay maze defeated, teepee explored, and coffee consumed along the way home, we ventured back to our place for a hike through Hickory Meadows.

The still-cloudy skies mixed with peeking sun, lending a luminescance to the fall color currently blossoming in Traverse City. As our friends headed out post-hike, I got a text from Heather hinting at some anticipated sunset action (thanks to those cracks in the clouds) that she would unfortunately miss due to a dinner date they had to keep. With the guys settled in comfortably after dinner and more cider, I made the quick walk down to West Bay alone, and wasn’t disappointed with what I found. Quintessential Fall day contentment: check!

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4 thoughts on “Absolute Autumn: Orchard Day in Pictures

  1. Barb says:

    Such pretty fall pictures. I love Jackson in the straw maze, and of course seeing my kid in there too!

  2. Heather says:

    You got some great shots of Jackson here! Hope you’re looking forward to seeing similar fall orchard and hike shots on my blog ’cause we did that thing again 😉

    • jcee3 says:

      Thanks! And of course I am! Also like you, I have a backlog of other photo series begging my attention, including some UP pics, so I suspect we’ll be on similar (but at least not redundant) posts again soon, haha. 🙂

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