Would That It Might

elements take root, seed reaches forth;
downward radicals developing long before light of day,
groundwork manufactured by mother nature, father time.

Would that it might send it’s shoot upward, in confidence.
a patchwork plethora of floral options,
bouquets worth of fates

blue bell,
beautiful, intense,
and crestfallen.

wished on, purposefully surrendered,

holly bush,
tolerant, protective
and awkward.

above broken ground,
all that isn’t cut down
eventually blossoms.

does the fruit and flower bearer
not long for a vineyard’s fate,
as men mourn for longevity?

rather than wither up,
or be plucked –
one man’s final feast or adornment –

surely the fate of the grape is to be envied?
essence pressed, bottled and corked,
for broader consumption at some ‘later’ to speak of.

how man longs to live on;
life poured onto pages
like wine stored away;

hoping to be imbibed,
to affect change beyond the grave.

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2 thoughts on “Would That It Might

  1. Heather says:

    A perfect time of year to ruminate on change and fate.

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