Slip Slidin’ Away (and bragging about it)

This afternoon I walked to pick my son up from preschool.

In the snow.

Serious, foot-high snow, people.

Sure, they clear the sidewalks with those nifty little mini-plows for the most part, but still – a pretty formidable landscape for our little stroller.

Honestly? I’m rather pleased with myself for making it. (“Well, obviously, Lana.”)

I don’t know that I’ve ever savored the sight of iced-over patches in my path before today.

And all so Jim could head out a little early with our one car to get some skiing in. (Hey, something’s got to make up for my bad driving and evil stares, right?) 😉

Here’s to fresh air walks (even in winter), unexpected upper-body workouts, and minor accomplishments.

Hopefully you successfully conquered your own small molehill today, too.

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