Sampling Sledding Spots Up North

Just after Christmas (which I’m getting around to recapping any day now – really), Jim came home with one last gift: a three-person sled, so our little odd-numbered family could enjoy the activity together… in a more literal sense.

So far, we’ve tested our new toy out in three spots.

Traverse City Civic Center
The local civic center saw our first test runs in the new three-seater. Plenty of kids joined us on the hill one afternoon twixt-Christmas-and-New-Year, each of them friendly and some even willing to lend Jackson a hand when needed 🙂

Time actually spent sledding: 30 minutes.
Time spent “sword fighting” snow from tree trunks: 35 minutes.
Time spent cleaning unexpected snowball from camera phone: 10 minutes.

Sleeping Bear Dune Climb
Saturday we hauled the sled west towards Sleeping Bear to see if Dune-Climb-sledding was a thing. It was/is. 🙂

This foot-scorching sand dune that people (myself included – ONCE) climb just for fun & a view in the Summer, takes on a whole new persona under a shell of snowy icing. Dune seeming steeper than usual, I was terrified when Jim opted to launch his test run from a spot that seemed a less-than-safe distance up. We’d witnessed a puddle landing upon pulling up, followed by several runs that launched folks past the parking lot.

Jim managed to avoid mowing anyone down, so while one gent snow-kited and several other people caught air hopping innocent-looking-enough snow drifts, our little trio launched quarter-runs until we got tired of climbing back up.

The little frozen lakes that flank the attraction then demanded a few quick shots before we called it a day.

Summit Mountain [Golf Course] @ Shanty Creek
Yesterday we met up with Heather & Tony for lunch in Bellaire at Shorts (most-favored of all #nwmi draft & dining establishments), followed by some sledding over at Shanty Creek Resort‘s Summit Mountain.

The masked, narrow stretch of course nestled between rental units offered a perfect series of hills that stretched on for what felt like a mile. I do realize that the good folks at Shanty Creek (and anyone dwelling in those adjacent condos) may not exactly smile upon our flagrant misuse of their snow-clad golf course. That’s not to say I wouldn’t let the Highams coax me out there again. (Between you and me? My favorite spot so far.) 😉

Post-sledding, on the way home – as if the universe heard my silent plea – the sky unleashed a few cloud-filled mood shifts cool enough to squelch my sunset hankerings. I’ll gladly savor moody purple skies when sunny pink is not up for making an appearance. Pretty much phone pics all around, so nothing high res here, but still beautiful moments captured nonetheless. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Sampling Sledding Spots Up North

  1. Tara says:

    You took all those pictures with your cell phone? Still gorgeous! Love the post.

    • jcee3 says:

      Yeah, all but a few of the Dune Climb pictures were from the trusty little iPhone 4 (b/c I’m too cheap to upgrade to a 5 just yet) 😉 Thanks for the good feedback!

  2. Barb says:

    Great Pictures Jess, and Jim? That picture of you and Jackson is absolutely BEAUTIFU1L

  3. Heather says:

    Pretty good shots, even for phone photos 🙂 Love the first one of Jackson pelting you. And I think we might weasel another trip to SC/Shorts in before the winter’s over!

  4. Linda Clifton says:

    Wonderful!!!! And beautiful photos!

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