Friday Photos: Waterscape Textures

Bright and sunny days have been a bit difficult to come by around here lately, with the wind threatening to whisk you away on the handful of days the sun has decided to make an appearance. When Wednesday offered up an exception to this weather pattern, Jim and I were determined to capitalize on what daylight we could with a lunch excursion, knowing the sun would set too early to leave much time for post-work play (near-5pm sunsets being back upon us, and all).

We grabbed the camera, a couple of sandwiches from Folgarelli’s (a delectable, old-world, deli-lovers-dream that our friends turned us on to), and cruised up the bay to dine waterside (meaning at the park) in Elk Rapids. From the still, glassy water to the warm, rippled sand, mother nature had a variety of lovely textures to offer up. I submit here my brief retrospect, along with hopes that the sun smiles on both your shoulders and mine again real soon. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Waterscape Textures

  1. Heather says:

    I can’t help but notice it’s be, oh, eons since your last post. And I KNOW you’ve been out taking pictures. Share already! I know you read my poor excuse of a blog today, and there’s plenty more where that came from. Peer pressure! 🙂

    • jcee3 says:

      I know, I know! At least 900 photos taken since my last post. Perhaps tonight I’ll finally get them up here! And ‘poor excuse’ are HARDLY words I’d use to describe your blog 😉

  2. Chris Pastotnik says:

    My Name is Chris Pastotnik, I work for Gemini Publications out of Grand Rapids, We have a yearly magazine called barefoot. In my search of photography for Elk Rapids I came across your blog and was wondering if it was possible for us to have permission to print the photo of the little boy in the rock circle ? Please get back with me as soon as you can I have a fast approaching deadline i need to work within. thank you

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