A Father and his Day

Looking downward at my toes I note that the sand on myself and my clothes has a very-light brown hue, though certainly not beige. Where the grains stack by the billions to form the encircling shore, I see the faintest hint of red as well – a fact contributing to the singular nature of the beach’s look and (due to the Sun’s own muted, yet still-flaming hues) the area’s ubiquity as a whole.

Elk Rapids Beach Sunset

Enjoying the whimsy of my own silent observation, I stand up, and without warning, mild human annoyances encountered earlier in the day begin pricking at the corners of my consciousness, trying to take this peace away with recent throwaway memories.

But negativity will fail again, I tell myself;

Here, in this tranquil, beautiful place, while I create a moment with my beloved wife and son, negativity will fail.

I walk out onto a miniature point just off Elk River, where it empties into Lake Michigan. Jackson and Jess have chosen to splash around here, and being close to them refuels me.

Jackson Halo Sunset

I refuse to believe we are without some kind of magic here.  I know what I need to see.

I step toward the end of the point, and there it is.  Small waves undulate toward me from the southwest and northwest, making the same comforting sounds as a brook I’d bike to as a youth in northeastern Alabama.  But its what the waves do, not what the waves say, that intrigues me here.

As the opposing lines of water become one, and just before the new creation dissipates on the spear-shaped sandbar, a diamond forms.  More than a simple shape, this diamond and those that will come after, glimmer brightly like their namesake, each grasping the waning light of the sky as it dapples the surface, inspiring brilliant shards to dance on the sandy bottom.

Shallow Water Ripples

In an instant this diamond is gone, only to be replaced by another, again and again, but each its own, never the same cut twice. Unique as every flake of snow, and just as quickly gone.

Yet still, and eternally, the sight is exhilarating.  And with the cleansing cold of the water below, the warmth of the Sun on my back and the embrace of the wind on the rest of me, I cheesy-grin.  Jackson ignores me (as well he should, having better things to do and think), Jess looks at me and smiles, I throw my hands outward …

And I am whole.

Splendor in Silhouette

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6 thoughts on “A Father and his Day

  1. Tara says:


  2. Theresa White says:

    Thanks for the most eloquently written Father’s Day blog….. I am so glad that you three are so happy (as one)….. Love and hope to see each of you soon…..

  3. Heather says:

    Beautiful words. And, of course you’re for serious. Happy Father’s Day!

  4. Allen Slentz says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with me! I love you so very much!

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