Springtime Celebration of Family & Friends

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In the months since our last update, we’ve enjoyed two rounds of welcomed visitors, celebrations steeped in unadulterated, childhood delight and the interesting experience of watching Northern Michigan transition into Spring.

Our good friend and colleague Dave traveled to TC in late January, followed by a visit from my youngest sister Kristina and her boyfriend DJ in March (her 21st birthday celebration of sorts).  The fresh-fallen snow of Dave’s trip and the Indian Summer surprise of Kristin’s meant that most of the respective trip outings didn’t overlap, with the exception of an Empire Bluffs hike we traversed with each of our guests.  Always the spectacular view – it’s amazing what just over a month can mean in terms of Michigan climate change!




















From downhill skiing with Dave & the Highams to exploring shorelines with Kristin & DJ, good times were had by all (except for that part where I was REALLY BAD at skiing).  Cheers to mile+ walks to bars that smell like feet and experiencing kayaking for the first time 😉


The routine Atlanta trip we wedged in between those guest visits afforded us a round of rapid-fire meet-ups with but a margin of Georgia folks (boo speed-friending!).  It was great to connect with some of the friends and family we miss so much and we can’t wait for more!

         Meme_Jackson_LakeSinclairLanguid_by_Lake_SinclairGranddaddy_Jax_Jim       Enveloped_in_Nature_at_NanasEvan_JacksonAtlanta_Skyline

In between the time spent with south-land loved ones, February offered up a few new local friend introductions.  We caught up with a few of those locals for Jackson’s recent 3rd birthday party, squelching my quiet fear that my son’s first post-move birthday might be a lonely one (thanks for coming guys!)


Things were definitely dialed down a notch or two from our [my] previous, perhaps overwrought attempts at birthdays 1 & 2.  As developing tradition would have it, there were a few inexplicable tears come time to blow out the candles, but Jackson’s buddy Everett was happy to stand in and the boys had an otherwise lovely, low-key time (perhaps Parker, in particular, who’s ninja-like cake grabbing reflexes scored him a sweet preview of the icing tastiness.) 😉

Jackson has already put his birthday spoils to plenty of good use and we’re hoping his new train table is a hit with his cousins when they visit this Summer. (It’s not Papa’s superior, hand-crafted version, but it’ll do between Nana visits!)

Easter was a treat with Jackson this year!  Innocently oblivious to the symbolic heft of the holiday, he exhibited serious interest in dyeing and finding Easter Eggs for the first time.  It was so fun to see him get into the experience – so determined to master use of that tiny egg-retrieval wand that accompanies PAAS dye kits.  Heather & Tony were on hand to participate, which meant I actually ended up in a picture or two  (Thanks Heather!)



Between the busy work schedules, GA visit, birthdays, holidays and play-dates, life’s been fast-paced lately with the promise of additional adventures to come as the Spring & Summer calendar shapes up.  We’re eager to greet every minute of it.

In loving memory of Ruth Bastin Slentz


December 31, 1917 – February 21, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Springtime Celebration of Family & Friends

  1. MeMe says:

    Great pictures, as usual…. Thanks for the tribute to Grandmama Ruth Slentz. She loved you very much! Mama

  2. prettyprettygood says:

    Great pics (Jim in the snow!), thanks for sharing!

  3. Heather says:

    Some really nice photos here. Great shots at Wilco Road!

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