Boating, Brews, and Movies by the Bay

A random assortment of recent events:

Last week our friends were gracious enough to include us on a pontoon boat ride upon Lake Michigan.  We had yet to ride on a motorized vessel Up Here, so we were stoked to hit the Mighty M in a new way. Heading due north from a dock near Clinch Park, we ‘steamed’ to a spot hugging the shoreline of Power Island, and JC3 and company took a short swim. Experiencing our Great Lake in this manner, as countless others before us have, felt like yet another milestone accomplished.

Power Island Lake MI

Power Island, Lake MI

Though we’ve been kayaking several times, we’ve had to take turns using our fellow expatriates’ boats. All that appreciative mooching of ours came to an end last Saturday as we finally purchased our own and acquired the remaining requisite gear via a certain colleague-bought REI card (thanks coworkers!). Sunday afternoon we hit Torch Lake, Jackson riding with Jess, myself riding with myself, friends (and defacto instructors) in tow. Bobbing along the turquoise waters of TL remains a peaceful, sublime time-spend. And if we didn’t look local before, the sight of our Subie with Thule Hull-a-ports and two 12-foot Pelicans has sealed that deal (for us, at least).


ours are the red ones

On Monday, Jackson made his first ice cream truck purchase with Jess at his side.  Hmm. We have ice cream trucks now (in five years we never had a single one come down our old street in Marietta, GA).  Awesome.  Note that ice cream, despite the long winter, is a big deal up here. Moomer’s was voted ”Best” by Good Morning America, and trust me – they deserved it.

Switching gears: everyone knows I’m an original-trilogy Star Wars geek. I fully intend on passing that obsession on to my son.  Case in point: Traverse City Film Festival‘s Grand Traverse Bay presentation of The Empire Strikes Backthis past Tuesday night.. On a 100-ft inflatable screen positioned yards from Lake Michigan, we and a few thousand of our closest friends watched what’s considered by critics to be the best in the franchise. Though Jackson didn’t make it to the end before crashing out, we had a blast(er).

Empire Strikes Back - TCFF 2011

Empire Strikes Bay

Thursday our fellow developer paid us a scheduled visit, so we’ve spent the last few days hashing out present and future programming plans and, of course, showing him the sights / consuming good grub / sampling brews. Feel free to grill him about those excursions when he returns to the South this coming Wednesday.

Speaking of beer, discoveries this week include Keweenaw Brewing Company‘s craft-brew-in-a-can selections. I highly recommend Pick Axe Blonde, Red Jacket Amber, and Lift Bridge Brown. If you’re ever Up North, do yourself a favor and pop a top or two. And though I’ve had it before, I must mention Short’s Brewery‘s Chocolate Wheat since we stopped by there again this week and I was reminded of its majesty. If the dark varieties are your thing, get your grubby paws on it as well as Atwater Block Brewery‘s Vanilla Java Porter. ‘Made with fine-roasted coffee beans and vanilla extract’, this innovative concoction will delight those who enjoy not being able to see through their beer.

Today while touring the neighborhood we came across a guy selling pulled pork sandwiches out of a truck for charity. Sidewalk BBQ for a good cause? Yes, please.

I love this town.

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5 thoughts on “Boating, Brews, and Movies by the Bay

  1. RyanM says:

    Great stuff! Jim, do you agree that ‘Empire’ is the best in the series?

    • jcee3 says:

      Absolutely. We see vulnerability, humor and (a little) more depth to Han and Leia, Taoist teachings from Yoda (to wit: “Clear your mind of questions…You will know, when you are calm; at peace” – a personal fave), Luke’s first lightsaber battle, and, of course, the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ revelation that Vader is Luke’s father. Though SW was and is Lucas’ vision, Irvin Kirshner gave it more soul. PS the Millenium Falcon’s moves while being chased into the asteroid field are wicked \m/

  2. Mel says:

    You had me at pork sandwich. xoxo

  3. Heather says:

    You’ve almost got me convinced that the beer tastes good. Almost.
    Thanks for tastefully excluding pictures of my hiney 🙂

  4. Tara says:

    I’m totally saddened that in all your years in Marietta you never had an ice cream truck visit your street. They visited (and visit to this day) my child hood street on the regular. Love that you’re passing down the Star Wars Jim. I mean you just have to 😉

    I’m so happy yall are loving it. Can’t wait to see you guys! I know John is coming to visit in October. I really wanted to make it with him, but the funds are fighting me this time. Hopefully next time.

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